Schizoid Embolism

If this is my delusion, who the hell invited you?

Synjin Savant
10 November 1980
Synjin Savant is only good at the one thing: blogging.

I like a good story in any form; film, novel, graphic novel, game, song, or tv series. Everything except poems, because poems are for sissies.

I play guitar. I play piano. I play voice. I play comedy clubs. I play xbox. I play author. I play a musician on myspace.

I work for Warner Bro. Just the one. The other four can go fuck themselves.

I have one sibling, two parents, four grandparents, eight great grandparents, three names and one body.
Go Broncos.

Synjin Sightings:

1980-1981: Johnstown, CO
1981-1999: Loveland, CO
1999-2004: Boulder, CO
2004-2005: Longmont, CO
2006-2007: Los Angeles, CA, Glendale, CA
2007-2008: Burbank, CA
2008-????: Los Angeles, CA